Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Repair An Xbox

 It is a question that so many people all over the world want to know. How to repair an xbox? Is it easy to repair an xbox? Well, for some people yes it is I suppose but for many, many people having to repair an xbox without having any previous knowledge of computers or electronics would understandably seem like a very daunting task. There are many different faults which can surface when an xbox console fails to operate as it should. Let's go through the worst of them all; the Red Ring of Death and find a real and easy to understand method to repair an xbox.

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Red Ring Of Death

 The Red Ring of  Death; a phrase which sends shivers down the spine of any xbox owner.  Being a part of the 16 percent of xbox 360 users who experience this hardware failure is a terrible experience. You need to get this tedious task done before surrendering yourself to the pleasure of gaming on your xbox 360. You lose your hard drive full of stored games if you return the unit, but you can still return it. If you are still under warranty, return the xbox, and Microsoft will send a refurbished xbox in a week or two. Send your xbox to Microsoft will cost you $140 which is a ridiculous amount for something that is essentially their fault in the first place!

 If your xbox is out of warranty then another alternative would be to sell it however you will not get much for an xbox in which the warranty has expired and the hard drive fails. The other alternative is to attempt to repair the xbox yourself and save yourself a whole lot of money and hassle. The only problem with this alternative i that without help it can be near impossible to fix a serious fault within an xbox easily and without a lot of time consuming work.

 I personally am not great at electronics and fixing the inside of computer systems. And I am sure you can imagine that loan behold my xbox suffered the red ring of death just after my warranty expired! I had no clue how to repair an xbox and I certainly wasn't going to fork over more cash to Microsoft. I decided to use the most powerful tool known to man; the internet, and look for a solution and some sound advice on how to repair an xbox.

 This is where I found this website HERE which claimed to be able to help me repair an xbox in one hour. I decided to purchase the guide despite being slightly skeptical as I was desperate to get back gaming. Well what can I say about this guide and about the man behind it James Dean (not the singer). He is truly brilliant with the ins and outs of an xbox 360. In no time at all I had my xbox up and running again and since there have been no problems of any kind to note.

 I would highly recommend this website for your xbox problems and if you need a sure fire way to repair an xbox then you should at least take a look at this website which can be found HERE

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